PART I: Infantry-It aint for the birds

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It’s 2003 and I’ve just finished digging the 3rd hole for the night. My lips are chapped, my body aches, and I’ve got dried sand crusted over my scalp. As I look around, I notice that some of my squad has disappeared into the small vacant adobe housing located behind us. Marines are quiet for two reasons; either something is up or is about to go down. Walking into the mini mud-housing complex I can see chicken, hens, and donkey’s lingering. The doorways to each room are open and I glance into one to find a faded poster of a white bearded man, my Arabic Santa. The unknown man now sits quietly folded in a box deep in my own closet. I walk into the next room and see one of my squad members and he explains to me what they’re up to. I am about to get my first confirmed kill –almost.

Rodriguez points me over to the next room where I find a large hen with little chicks running about. My task is to kill the hen. At this point in my life I had only killed ants or witnessed the freezing of our bunnies and their litter during a cold winter, but I had never killed anything that clucks. I remember playing it off as if I’d done it before. I grabbed my wooden axe handle from my pack and with a knot in my stomach, my body acted in a manner that disagreed with my soul, and I swung…

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