Worn combat boots
Who is bleeding?
One lesson the military is certain to teach the infantry, is how to stop a bleeding wound. But, what happens when you don't know where the wound is, or even worse, that it is bleeding?

In 2001, thousands of freshly hatched "adults", at the ripe age of 17-18, enlisted in the Armed Forces. Many of them, eager to fight those that attacked America on September 11th, signed up for Military Occupation Specialties such as the infantry. Our country was beckoning young men to step forward in a post-Pearl Harbor fashion. American flags flew from car windows, citizens united, and cami fatigues were issued.

Now, nearly 17 years later, it is estimated that over 125,000 service members, whom deployed to Iraq & Afghanistan, received discharges categorized as "Other Than Honorable". 90% of the time, The VA has gone as far as categorizing their service as "Dishonorable" when it comes to eligibility for benefits.

Wrapped up in the 125,000 service members, are those combat veterans who physically endured the harsh deserts of Iraq or mountains of Afghanistan. They survived combat, killed opposing forces, and watched their brothers die or become severely injured. Unfortunately, many of them could not handle their return home to the states and engaged in self-medication with drugs and/or alcohol. Subsequently, they were discharged other than honorably and though they bear the scars of service to country, they reap none of the benefits. They are still bleeding from their wounds, and we are asking you to help them.

How can you help?

Pro Bono Services

From nutritionist to surgeon, these veterans need help! The VA disqualifies 90% of these combat vets from medical benefits. Maybe they'll need never need your services, but just knowing they have the option sure means a lot.

Become a Sponsor.

These combat veterans need certainty. When you sponsor 1 other than, you are committing to 1 year of assistance. The average VA cost per veteran, for disability coverage, is $12,000.


Donations will be used to locate other thans, provide funds for medical expenses, and offer various wellness programs. We believe in permanent solutions for the veteran, not a lifelong prescription to drugs.

Share with Peers

Doctors know doctors. If this organization doesn't fit into your giving bag, please share it with your colleagues. Again, these combat action veterans, are not getting assistance from the VA or most other veterans organizations.

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